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Chillicothe Agape' Fellowship

Poetry by Irma Bruce

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Poetry by Irma Bruce
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"Good Morning Lord"

by Irma Bruce


Good morning Lord, I give you praise

For your wonderful loving ways.

The love the keeps watch over me.

My life’s work you always see.


You are always by my side,

Ready and willing, my steps to guide.

All I have to do is ask,

And you’re there to help with any task


Lord, I know sometimes my prayers are weak,

And the things, for which I seek

Aren’t really worthy of your time.

Yet I know you heard each time.


Sometimes I’ve felt so all-alone.

Troubles around me some unknown.

Then you touched my soul and heart,

And troubles and sorrows did all depart.


Yes Lord, I know you’re always near

Even when I cry that lonely tear.

You gently wipe it all away,

And turn gloom into the brightest day.

I thank you, Lord.




"Life’s Journey"

by Irma Bruce


I’ve scaled the highest mountains

and climbed the steepest hills,

walked in the valleys deep and wide. 

But with every joy and heartache

my Lord was by my side.


Sometimes I felt I was at the end,

my world was full of woe,

but God was always with me

and gave meaning to my life.

So each morning as I leave my bed

I give praise to God above.

For each and every blessing

and every promise of His Love


Take a moment in the morning

at the starting of the day.

For communion with the Spirit

as you bow your head and pray.

Every burden will be lighter,

and every joy a bit more gay.


If you take that early moment

just to worship and to pray.

It’s a closer walk with Jesus,

he will guide you all the day.

When you take that first sweet moment

just you bow your head and pray.


In the evening

when you close your eyes in slumber,

do you think God will say,

“You have earned one more tomorrow

by the work you did today.”


Chillicothe Agape' Center
P O Box 61
Chillicothe, OH 45601