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Chillicothe Agape' Fellowship

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Brandon and Mariah (Jones) wedding at the Chillicothe Agape' Fellowship 







We are back on schedule with our Dance/Worship services.  All dances will now be held at the Carver Community Center - 165 West Fourth Street (Behind Post Office on Walnut Street).  For more information please call us at 740-773-0150. 

Church News

We are now having our Sunday Morning Worship Services at the 1098 Diehl Street starting at 10:30am.  Wednesday Night Bible Study starts at 6:30pm.   


We are planning our community outreach services, and we would like to use any God given talents that you may have during these events.  Please call us if you would like to help reach a lost world with a message of hope (call us at 740-773-0150).

Chillicothe Agape' Fellowship* P.O. Box 61 * Chillicothe * OH * 45601